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When art met technology, Project Mapping was created

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KNACK went to SpaceLab, on the occasion of the two-day seminar on Project Mapping. The participants filled the space, which was formed in a way to meet their visual needs. The place was over-equipped and welcoming and it fulfilled all the prerequisites to accommodate 13 “restless” people who spent two whole days, so as to get to know the world of Project Mapping.

What is really Project Mapping though?

Is a digital technique that arouse from the architectural need project digitally the perspective of buildings. The need for a way out of the inadequate 2D projection has led to the creation of the Project Mapping technique, that blossomed in France and Belgium. It consists the coupling of physical and visual space and more than a simply flexible tool, as it can be used on all surfaces, ranging from simple white surfaces to buildings, trees and water surface, combining sound techniques and picture.

Project Mapping with its today form counts more than 10 years and is constantly transforming, through the addition of holograms and new mix media

It’s not as simple as it sounds, though if someone is not experienced in this field. The developer of the project has to spot the surface he will need and its information as well, such as the dimensions of the object or building, the distance from it, and the light pollution of the space around it. The eye of his camera will be the lens of the projector.

The truth is that Project Mapping is almost everywhere, since we have all been impressed by a picture we saw on a mysterious surface at a time- but we just did not know that this technique was called Project Mapping. The latter can be found in advertising holograms for cars, athletic shoes, but mostly in music festivals from Bucharest to Moscow. Project Mapping is the future, as they told us in SpaceLab.

One thing we can keep for sure: Anyone can start from scratch, it’s just the mood that’s needed.
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